How Can I Lose Weight Fast?

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Losing weight is never an easy task, and it’s even harder to lose it fast. If you are like me, it’s easy to get caught up in the summer barbecues and food festivals. Before you know it, that bachelorette party is 2 weeks away and that new form-fitting dress isn’t quite fitting your form like it was a month ago. With these useful tips, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks and keep it off!

1.)     Drink LOTS of Water

Okay, so the first tip is bit of a “no brainer” but it’s easy to forget! The more water you drink the fuller you are and less likely to binge eat. Many times, a feeling of hunger can be subdued with water. For the best results to lose weight fast, you should only drink water. No soda, no juices and no wine ladies!

2.)     Eat a HEALTHY Breakfast

Eating breakfast in general is something everyone needs to do regardless. It kick-starts your metabolism for the day, gives you energy to last through the morning and improves brain productivity. If you want to lose weight, you are also going to have to consume a HEALTHY breakfast. A fruit, carb and protein is the best way to start the day. My go-to is a grapefruit, slice of whole wheat toast and 2 sunny-side up eggs.

3.)     Portion Control

Many Americans are overweight because they are unaware of the correct portions someone of their height and weight should be consuming. The best way to regulate your consumption is to abide by the calories and servings on the labels of the food you eat. Many would be surprised to find out the average serving for a bowl of cereal is only half a cup! This doesn’t mean you can only eat half a cup. It just means to always be aware of your caloric intake by checking the labels.

4.)     Exercise

This one is another “no brainer” but many people still don’t understand the necessity of frequent exercise. To put things into perspective, running for 15 minutes will only burn 100 calories (on average). That’s not even enough to replace your half a cup of cereal! The goal shouldn’t be to burn all the calories you consume. But to keep your metabolism high and lose weight fast, you need to be hitting the gym!

5.)     Positive Thinking

This one seems like the least important, but it’s the most! If you try to lose weight with a negative mindset and pessimistic attitude you are bound to fail. Prepare yourself mentally for the journey. Utilize new cell phone apps to keep your work outs on track and maintain your progress. Constant reminders of how good you are doing will keep you in high spirits. Also try printing off uplifting quotes and posting them in the places you spend most of your day. It will be tough, it will be daunting and many times you will want to give up. But, keep the end goal in mind and envision a healthier version of you!

Utilizing these tips will help you lose the excess weight in a quick AND HEALTHY way. Continue to practice these tips after losing weight to keep the pounds off and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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