Did you know your brain shrinks with every pound of fat you put on around your waist, so why wait, start your weight loss now?

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An alarming fact that has had a lot of focus recently in medical circles. To improve your brain's performance, gain more energy and to look good you need to start your weight loss now!

Trying to lose weight by using will power alone is doomed to failure and forget dieting, it becomes a chore and takes away the sheer enjoyment of food and living.

There is a better way and you can find the secrets to permanent weight loss set out in Annie Dee's new eBook "Weight Loss - A Step by Step Approach". The book explains how by changing your attitude and outlook on life and making a few gradual changes you will quickly start getting results.

Here is a taste of some of the chapters covered by Annie in her new book. It is best to work through one chapter at a time, in any order you like.

SLEEP - Find out why sleep is the easiest weight loss tip ever. Discover the scientific evidence behind this claim and get useful tips on how to get adequate sleep.

EXERCISE - Learn why exercise is overrated as a weight loss tool but incredibly important for your general well being. Find ideas to help chose the best exercise to suit your temperament, whether you love the adrenalin pumping of the gym or prefer to be a couch potato taking a light approach.

WATER - Did you know that thirst is often disguised as hunger? So next time you feel hungry instead of heading for the snack try drinking a glass of water instead, see how quickly the hunger pains disappear. This chapter discusses the benefits of water and how to turn your craving for soda into a desire for water.

THE SHOPPING TROLLEY - Tips on how tl leave the junk food with their empty calories on the shelf and out of your shopping trolley. Find some exciting healthy alternatives instead.

SUGAR - Why artificial sugar encourages weight gain plus other reasons for avoiding sugar.. Explore alternatives to white sugar. Discover how some people have lost a lot of weight simply by cutting out soda pop alone.

MEDITATION - Outlines different ways to quieten the mind. FInd out why weight loss is so much easier to achieve with a calm and peaceful state of mind. This chapter recognizes the differences in all of us and there are ideas to suit individual temperaments.

JOURNAL KEEPING - Research has shown food recording journals are effective in your weight lost quest. Find little gems on how to make this process more interesting. Explore the different types of journals you can keep, and why they are so beneficial.

HABITS - Those subconscious behaviours that sabotage your weight loss. Learn how to recognise them and change them forever. Not only will this help you lose weight you will rediscover enthusiasm and excitement in your life again.

Begin on your road to permanent weight loss now by following the guidelines in Annie's book, you will love all the other side benefits, the slim waist line and perkier brain. Don't procrastinate any longer, it is easy to download ....

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