What is a healthy weight loss solution?

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A healthy weight loss solution, is one that takes time and patience. Weight loss does not even require spending a lot of cash. What is does require is the right mindset and a set of short term personal goals. As you meet your goals it becomes the perfect solution to staying on track for the long term.

If you have a metabolic disorder I recommend you consult your doctor before you follow my or anyone elses advice. Since your disorder may require medication and a different diet than other people. When I say diet I am not talking about a “Diet” but your eating habits.

When you do your research and form your conclusion be it your own, or of scientific findings

if it works and your are healthy then that is your healthy weight loss solution. You know your body better than anyone else. However and I do say however if you are like me you are stubborn. I had struggled with my weight for years at one point exceeding 320 lbs. It was not until I stopped being hard headed and looking at the facts did my weight start coming off.

One of my own personal short term goals was to lose 20 lbs inside of 3 months and I met and exceeded that goal by 2 lbs. How you might ask, it was through proper diet . Having learned that diet was the main staple in proper weight loss and management, it gave me a great start to my weight loss journey.

I must stress something that I truly believe in, quick rapid weight loss is not a goal anyone should strive toward. Yes it is obtainable, however it can be hard to maintain as well as having major drawbacks. One of the drawbacks can be loose saggy skin. If you lose a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time your body has not had time to adapt to the new you. 1-3 lbs a week is healthy,

Since one of the reasons you may be trying to lose weight is to look your best, it is advisable to take your time. Otherwise you could end up spending a large chunk of change on plastic surgery to remove the excess skin. Again weight loss does not require spending a lot of cash. Yes you may have some loose skin when you reach your ultimate goal, however with proper nutrition and exercise this can be managed and even corrected.

I had to learn fat loss and muscle gain were more important than how I looked in the short term. Because let’s face it, if you can’t maintain then you are at a loss. Also one other word of advice, understand that you may get discouraged or overwhelmed on your journey. But as with any journey each stop is an experience and we overcome and push forward.

If you want to be a better healthier you then take the first step on your journey. You will look and feel better and be happier.

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