What is the best way to lose weight and get fit?

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So, you’re finally ready to embark on the worldwind journey to physical fitness. Congratulations! You will need to commence with both prudence and prejudice to help you sift through the gimmicks, garbage, and mindless gabber that contributes fatally to the relinquishment of many a persons’ fitness goals.

First, know that on this journey you will encounter staggeringly conflicting information from fitness gurus on which exercises are the best and worst. You’re going to come across proclamations of the diet and supplement companies that their product is best for weight loss. You will be exposed to stories of grandiose, accelerated weight loss, and you will definitely, definitely be tempted to purchase a “doo-hickey”; contraption designed to reward you with the body of your dreams with no sweat, tears, or effort from your faculties.

Whew. Caveat aside; let’s get down to business. The best way to lose weight is simple: burn more calories than you eat. Now, the best way to lose weight and get fit (you know, having the strength, energy and endurance that you had in your youth) is a scientific composition, and it takes synchronicity and harmony of the variables making up this scientific composition to achieve physical fitness and weight loss goals.

Let’s travel back in time to high-school science class, and hypothesize. What is the best way to lose weight and get fit; to tone, or sculpt the body; to get endurance, or, breathe easier and rehabilitate the heart and vital organs; to get stronger, or, protect the body? You will need to raise your metabolism, become stronger and gain endurance, and shed the excess calories that your body has stored as fat. By raising your metabolism the rate at which your body burns (fat) calories increases up to twenty-four hours a day. To commence and complete the form of activity you choose to take, you will need your lungs and your muscles. To maximize your weight loss efforts, your workout efforts will have to be mimicked in the kitchen.

So now we know what controls our weight loss, and what assists it. What remains now, are what activities to do? The possibilities are endless, but choose activities that maximize the variables. Anaerobic activity maximizes your metabolism. It forces your body to use fat as the fuel for the workout. With resistance, in any form, increasing at incremental rates, your muscles and bones grow stronger. Aerobic activity maximizes the rehabilitation of your cardiovascular system, and also tones the skin and shapes the body as your muscles develop.

So the best way to lose weight is to combine strength and endurance activities, with an increasingly balanced caloric intake, in order to achieve fat loss, muscle strength, a healthier heart, and a more svelte physique. Activities like sprinting, hill climbing, intervals, jumping, biking, weight lifting, or resistance training; using power and intensity in short bursts, for a short duration, are anaerobic. Activities requiring a lengthier, less “explosive” effort, such as running, swimming, workout classes and most machines (except when using the machine to do intervals) are more aerobically inclined.

Just know that every calorie eaten that the body can’t use for something positive, is used for something negative. A calorie is a measurement of energy. “Healthy foods” feed your body that necessary energy. “Unhealthy foods” have little energy value, and so become waste (“bad fat”) inside the body. Thus, activities that can force the expulsion of the dead waste out of your body are needed to maximize the balance of the equation.

Try not to get bogged down with terminology and jargon. The best way to lose weight and get fit is to follow the formula: anaerobic & aerobic activity + diet (calories needed – calories unwanted) = weight loss and physical fitness. For endurance and tone choose whichever type of aerobic activity you like. For strength, use any number of different types of resistance: weights, tubes, cables, kettle balls, or your own body weight for your anaerobic activities. Don’t forget, a calorie from “bad” fat is waste that must be shed.

So, whether you’re hiking, lifting, sprinting or “Zumba-ing,” combine strength and endurance activities with a healthy diet and your body will lose fat and grow physically fit. Congratulations, and enjoy the self-discovering journey to lasting weight loss, health and physical fitness.

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