What is the best way to lose weight without going hungry?

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Calorie Gleaning - A Simple Way to Lose Weight without Going Hungry

Wrapping your head around the fact that you are overweight is difficult. You can no longer walk up two flights of stairs without being out of breath. Your doctor tells you, "Lose weight or you won't live to see your grandchildren grow up." The last time you took a trip, you had to purchase two plane tickets. You wonder, "How did this happen?"

You didn't do anything wrong in particular. You had a few children, you enjoy watching sports, you like eating out; everyone does these things, right? Perhaps you are not aware that 100 extra calories a day will make you gain about 10 pounds of extra weight per year. Eat the extra calories for three years in a row and you have just gained 30 pounds in only three years. Shocking, isn't it?

Now that you are in this overweight condition, you are scared. How are you going to lose weight without going hungry? Actually, the process is very simple. Let's call it "calorie gleaning".

Gleaning is the process of collecting something that is not needed and use it for oneself or distribute it to others. Gleaning was used in biblical times. The poor were allowed to go into the fields and take whatever was left after the harvest to eat for themselves.

Calorie gleaning is a similar idea. You will examine everything that goes into your mouth and decide what you can leave behind for someone else. Let someone else put it on their fanny, right?

The absolute best calories to glean are empty calories. These are the things that have absolutely no nutritional value that you have been convinced you need. Soda, refined sugars and starches (dessert, candy), white bread. How much soda do you drink a day? One can? Two? Three? How much candy and cookies do you eat per week? Two or three? The whole box? Leave nothing off the table.

Your weight loss goal is less likely to be sabotaged if you have the willpower to give up soda, dessert and candy cold turkey and never look back. Perhaps you do not have the willpower to do that. It's okay, just decide to limit your soda drinking to special occasions only - birthdays, holidays, etc. Don't make the mistake of making up reasons to celebrate so you can have a soda. Also, don't drink diet soda instead, studies show it makes you hungry. You will eat more at the next meal and sabotage your effort. Drink water; squeeze a lemon in it if you need some flavoring.

What if you can't give up dessert? The thought of it mortifies you. It is the best part of your day. This takes training. Train yourself to eat only half the amount you are served. When you are at a restaurant, eat only 1/4 the amount you are served (restaurants are notorious for huge portions). Drink a cup of coffee with milk (rather than cream) instead of having dessert. Convince the person you are with to share dessert with you. There are many ways to accomplish calorie gleaning by reducing the total calories of your dessert without giving up dessert entirely.

Once you have mastered calorie gleaning as a weight loss method, you will move on from empty calories to regular foods. You will look at what you are eating and make small changes. For example, you will put only 1/2 slice of cheese on your sandwich or you will switch from mayonnaise to mustard. Repeatedly making changes such as these will make you lose weight without going hungry.

This weight loss method is slower than fad diets, but you are more likely to keep the weight off for the long term because 1) you understand how you became overweight in the first place 2) you've lost weight without going hungry and 3) you have not deprived yourself of your favorite things.

Calorie gleaning is weight loss without sacrifice. It is the easiest way to change your lifestyle, become healthy and live happy.

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