Which are the best apps to lose weight?

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Virtually all products that advertise easy weight loss are scams. These items are easily identifiable by their pseudoscientific claims, bogus before and after pictures, and step-by-step explanations that are too good to be true. While diet and exercise are the only real ways to lose weight, there are some products that make the diet and exercise much more bearable. With the recent popularity of smart phones, many apps for iOS and Android allow dieters to keep said products with them at all times. Here are the three best apps to lose weight that make the process so much easier.

1. MyFitnessPal

It's been said that 80% of weigh loss is based on nutrition. Going for an hour-long run is great, but the gain is quickly negated by an ice cream binge. For overeaters, counting calories is essential, although impossible to do right with a paper and pen. MyFitnessPal is a free app that simplifies the process immensely. By allowing access to a database of thousands of popular foods, recipes, and meals, this app turns the math involved with calorie counting into a simple button press.

Users simply need to search for the foods they eat, enter them into their food diary, and the app will keep track of the user's day to day calorie totals. MyFitnessPal can also suggest a daily total based on the user's current height, weight, and desired fitness goals. Plus it subtracts calories burned during a bout of exercise, just in case someone brings donuts to work on Friday.

2. RunKeeper

Running and walking are two of the most popular and easiest ways to burn fat. Still, it can be difficult to decide how to personalize a cardio workout, and keeping track of records can be confusing as well. RunKeeper uses the smartphone's built-in GPS to track the distance and speed of a run, and also suggests routines based around different goals. The app keeps track of previous workouts and calories burned, while voice commands note when the runner should change up the pace. The pro version of this app adds extra features, but the free one is more than sufficient for any runner or walker.

3. Fitocracy

Released to much hype in 2012, Fitocracy quickly garnered a large following among fitness buffs and dieters alike. In a nutshell, Fitocracy is Facebook for gym-goers, but with a twist. The app rewards users with points for sticking to their workouts, and the points can be used to attain medals. These medals track one's progress through their fitness journey, and act as a simple way to reward oneself for completing their daily exercise. Like Facebook, there are also groups to join, photos to upload, friends to meet, and a whole bevy of other interesting social media features that make it more than the average workout tracker.

Losing weight is all about motivation. If dieters can sustain that, then they will have no trouble reaching their goals. These free services are the best apps to lose weight released so far, and should keep that desire burning long past the first workout.

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