Will the calories in an avocado make you fat?

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Will the calories in an avocado make you fat? I bet you have been told countless times that eating foods that are high in fat will make you gain weight and will make you unhealthy, right? Because of this you may find your self avoiding certain foods such as avocados or nuts/seeds because you think you are going to become obese.

The truth is, that kind of information is exactly why so many people are unhealthy and obese in modern times. The real truth is that counting calories will not do most people any good. To see whether this makes any sense or not, all you have to do is take a look around in our society. We have more low calorie foods than any time in history, and we also have more obesity than any time in our history.

The food that you eat has many ingredients in it. There are vitamins and minerals and sugars and fiber and fats. To focus only on calories in the food you eat means it is possible to miss some of those other things. The human body is made up of trillions upon trillions of cells. Each one of those cells needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals to survive. Those cells do not need "calories", they need nutrition to keep your body going.

When you only focus on calories it is very easy to miss more important information about your food. What do I mean? Let's compare a few common foods and take a look at their make up so that you can see what I am saying here.

1 Soda = 180 calories

1 Avocado = 250 calories

Now, if you were to focus in on only one single thing for health and weight loss this would be an easy decision. The soda is obviously the better choice, because it has fewer calories. We are told over and over again that limiting or caloric intake and expending more calories than we consume is the one and only key to weight loss and better overall health.

Most people would realize there are too many calories in an avocado and would avoid eating it. But what is the cost of doing that? In this situation, what could go wrong by choosing the lower calorie alternative?

A soda has 180 calories, and basically zero other nutritional value. It also has around 40 grams of sugar. If you were to convert that into something you may recognize, like a teaspoon you would have a total of 10 teaspoons of pure sugar in one can of soda. Knowing that obesity and diabetes are killing millions of our citizens, does it make a lot of sense to go for the soda because it has lower calories?

What about the avocado? Sure, that avocado has a few more calories but there is nothing to worry about for one second when considering whether or not to eat it. An avocado has healthy omega-3 fatty acids that your body can use as an anti-inflammatory, and as a nice bonus those fats make you feel full and satisfied much longer than 10 teaspoons of sugar ever will.

It is important to look at your body as a whole system. That system is very complex and requires a lot of different nutrients and vitamins and minerals in order to keep going without getting sick. Many low calorie options in your local grocery store have added sugars in them which contribute to diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease and a wide range of other disease states that our society is plagued with right now.

When choosing a food to eat, it is wise to take into account all of the benefits you are going to get from a particular food instead of just focusing on calories as the one and only most important factor. The importance of calories in regards weight loss and overall health is about as important as which brand of running shoes you buy to run a marathon. It is a small piece of a much bigger picture at best.

The next time you are faced with varying food and calorie options for a meal, think a little bit about some of the benefits that meal will bring you. If the lower calorie option is loaded with chemicals and added sugars, and the higher calorie option is loaded with vitamins and nutrients, then perhaps there is something more important to focus on than calories.

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