How do you lose weight safely?

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Learning about nutritional values for the foods you love as well as portion control, balanced eating, staying active or becoming active can help you lose weight safely and effectively. If you want to reach a long term goal and maintain it follow these weight loss tips.

Nutritional Values

Learning to read labels and understand the meanings of the values. For example when reading the fat content you would mainly consider the total fats as opposed to the sub values such as trans fats; total fat values are used to determine the types and amounts of food you can eat in many popular weight loss plans.

Portion Control

Don’t stop eating the foods you love instead learn portion control. When eating many foods the suggested serving size listed is the best approach. However when eating homemade foods the portion size is more difficult to determine; such as birthday cake, typically you would have a 2x2 inch serving or potato salad would be a ½ cup in serving size.

Balanced Eating

Getting your proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats in the proper ratios is vital to balanced eating and successful weight loss. At dinner time a balanced meal could consist of three to four ounces of protein, fifty net carbs, five grams fiber, and minimal fat content; chicken, green beans, one dinner roll and no more than one tablespoon of butter as your fat.

Maintaining Proper Water Intake

It is vital to maintain proper water intake throughout your weight loss journey. Typically you maintain the general rule of thumb for eight eight ounce glasses of water per day but consider factors such as your current weight and the temperature you are living in. If you weigh more you may need to have a larger water intake and if it is hot outside you would also need to increase your daily water intake. Maintaining proper water intake is very important in safe weight loss as well as maintaining your general health and well being.

Getting The Appropriate Amount of Sleep Each Night

When you are not getting an appropriate amount of sleep you are often tired and lethargic through the day which can at times make our bodies feel as if we need to eat in order to gain energy.This often leads to unnecessary snacking and over eating. Getting a restful 7 to 8 hours sleep each night is essential to helping you lose weight safely.

— Cut back the amount of times you eat out at restaurants

— Skip the salty foods because they can cause water retention

— When starting a new weight loss plan clean out your kitchen cabinets

— Increase your vegetables

— Have no more then three fruits per day

— Start new hobbies to keep your mind off of food

— When eating out do not up-size your meal

— Save room for your treats

— Start exercising, increase as tolerated

— Eat dinner at an appropriate time to decrease night time hunger

— Exercise with a friend for moral support

Now that have you these basic tips for losing weight safely you are on your way to a healthier you.

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