How does weight management and diet achieve weight loss ?

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Weight management is a multi-faceted issue with all individuals. Weight management and diet go hand in hand as food is greatly responsible for the composition of fat in our bodies and weight gain. You can change one thing in your daily diet and realize weight loss. To have consistent weight loss over a period of time in a goal of acquiring a healthy weight, more has to be done than eliminating one unhealthy food from your diet. Portion size is essential and a first step in weight management and diet. It is not one donut that keeps the obese individual obese; it is eating an entire dozen of donuts in one sitting. That is why total abstinence is necessary for some foods that contain worthless calories. The obese mind is drunk on food.

Determining what your caloric intake should be considering the amount of daily activity which you are engaged in each day is vital. Unlike an alcoholic who decides to stop drinking has to take a total abstinence position. With weight loss and weight management, you have to consume every day what you are addicted to. So in order to get sober, the obese individual has to have a plan, a goal, and an inner change of thinking and attitude towards food.

Food, or one's diet, is only one element of weight management and it should be viewed as a substance for sustaining life and health rather than an substance to be abused and indulged in. Food does not solve the stress you are experiencing today. Food does not resolve a fight with your spouse. Food will not make your kids be more obedient. Food does not make the day short or relieve boredom. But how many times we eat to resolve all of these issues. True, for the moment, it seems to relieve stress or makes the fight with our spouse seem less terrible but that is because the obese individual is not using a "sober mentality". He or she has a "drunk mentality". Reality is different between the two.

Now diet is essential even though not the only element of weight loss or weight management. A diet of fresh foods and foods that require your body to work harder and longer to digest are most beneficial because they burn more calories. Find a strong protein power that you can mix with water, milk or juice for one of your meals. It will give you the energy with limited calories. Remember that when you get hungry, your body is calling for protein rather than carbs. We usually reach for the crackers, chips, etc when we're hungry. Go for the protein.

All meat, whether beef or fowl, go for the lowest fat you can find. You're trying to eliminate fat in your body rather than adding to the fat. Limit sodium as it holds water in your body. Try using more seasoning to spark up your food.

Weight management is a life time commitment and must be started and continued with that purpose in focus.

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