How do I Achieve Permanent Weight Control Using a Diet Plan?

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With so many fad diets popping up these days, how in the world is a person suppose to know which weight loss diet plan not only is a healthy one, but also a safe one to follow? Most of them are high-protein, low carbohydrate, low-fiber diets, such as the Atkins Diet Plan, the Mediterranean Diet Plan, The Zone Diet Plan, the 3 Day Diet Plan, and the South Beach Diet Plan, just to name a few. You can lose weight on them, but only temporarily. The path to permanent weight control can only come from changing your lifestyle habits.The perfect weight loss diet plan is so simple, so obvious, and so healthy and has also been the basis for proper nutrition. The key is to eat foods from the major food groups as shown on the Food Guide Pyramid. Here are some general rules to follow to achieve permanent weight control using a weight loss diet plan.

Eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet based on fresh, whole, unprocessed foods. Most people are under the impression that starchy foods are fattening. Well, they are not. High-carbohydrate, high-fiber foods such as potatoes and whole-grain breads contribute to weight control, not weight gain. They fill you up fast, so you can eat more of them without consuming too many calories. More importantly, they stabilize your blood sugar level, which affects appetite, mood, energy level, and mental abilities. Look at it this way, it’s not the baked potato that adds the pounds, it’s the high-fat butter and sour cream you pile on top of it that adds the unwanted pounds. Fresh fruits and vegetables are terrific foods for permanent weight control. Like whole-grain breads, they are rich in nutrients and fill you up without filling you out. You can eat more of them without fear of gaining weight so you don’t have to feel unsatisfied. And as an added benefit, compared with high-fat, weight-gain foods, they’re considerably less expensive so it works great with your budget.

Cut out as much fat as possible. Fat gets stored as fat. High-fat foods are usually high-calorie. High-fat diets have also been associated with cancer, stroke, and heart disease. The typical American diet contains about 40% of calories from fat. For a weight loss diet plan to be successful, aim to cut your fats to 20% or less of your total daily caloric intake. Remember, one gram of fat contains 9 calories.

Eat breakfast. Research shows that people who are overweight tend to skip breakfast, eat a light lunch, then pig out on dinner and snacks until bedtime. One important step is to start your day with a high-carbohydrate breakfast such as cereal and fruit, then eat a light supper. The earlier you begin eating, the more calories you burn throughout the day.

Eat 4 to 6 meals a day instead of 3. Traditional dieting includes 3 meals and no snacks in between them, but smaller meals spread out over 4 to 6 meals instead of 3 meals of low-fat, high-fiber foods every 2 or 3 hours prevent the blood sugar from dropping. Then at mealtimes, you eat less because you feel less hungry.

Exercise regularly. Regular, moderate exercise is essential to both good health and permanent weight control. Even the modest exercise programs can make a difference. Brisk walking for as little as 20 minutes a day can burn fat calories and decrease your health risks. Aerobic exercise is even better. It burns more calories than any other exercise program.

Be patient. Permanent weight loss is a relatively slow process. Aim for a slow, steady loss of one pound a week.

Get extra help. For some people, weight and body image are associated with other problems such as childhood trauma, fears about sexuality, an inability to express feelings, and other emotional concerns. If these or other issues contribute to your weight problems, seek help from a skilled therapist.

An extra 5 pounds isn't a medical problem, but an extra 25 or more pounds may become a significant health risk. Always check with your doctor before starting any type of diet plan. Permanent weight control can be achieved by following the weight loss diet plan as outlined above.

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