What are the best Milwaukee weight loss programs?

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In cities like Milwaukee where the weather is temperamental and you can only spend a few months a year outside, it can be tough to stay in shape. Luckily, there are a number of Milwaukee weight loss programs that will help keep you motivated and teach you healthy fitness and nutrition habits. If you are searching for a way to lose weight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you have choices.

A Sensible Solution

Many people who are trying to lose weight fall for the false promises of crash diets. They may drop weight fast, but in a few months, the extra pounds have returned and they are often worse off than before they dieted. The T.O.P.S program teaches dieters healthy lifestyle habits that include regular exercise, healthy eating, and overall wellness. T.O.P.S., which stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly, provides a supportive environment that uses contests, awards, weigh-ins, retreats, rallies, and a newsletter to help members lose weight.

Boot Camp

Sometimes the only way to get in shape is to really push your limits. If you are relatively fit, but you want to jump start your exercise program, enroll in the Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp for Women… and Men. This program meets five days a week at 5:30 am and provides participants with a one-hour, intense workout. You can expect significant results such as a 3-5% reduction in body fat, a 5-12 pound weight loss, a 1-3” decrease in your mid-section, and improved posture. Each program last 4 weeks and participants are welcome to enroll again and again.

Loss Through Abundance

The Abundant Life Wellness Center, Inc. develops personal nutrition and weight loss programs for each participant. Their Comprehensive Weight Loss program uses amino acid therapy to curb appetite and help participants reach their weight goals. In addition to weight loss, the program effectively treats migraines, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Each Custom Diet utilizes the FoodPharmacy Software Program, incorporating the participant's nutrition needs, weight loss goals, medical conditions, food allergies and personal tastes.

A Contoured Plan

The Contour Program is a medically supervised program promoting healthy lifestyle changes, nutrition education, exercise and emotional support. Contour participants learn that their previous restrictive diet efforts failed, often because they led to malnutrition. In a restricted calorie diet, body fat is reduced, but so is muscle and water. Participants in the Contour program lose weight with a combination of vitamin supplements, appetite suppressants, nutrition education and fitness recommendations. Ongoing counseling is also available to those who need support during their weight loss journey.

Tips for Dieters

The most important thing to do if you want to lose weight is change your lifestyle. Temporary solutions are not going to offer lasting results and can do more damage than being overweight. Speak with your doctor about your current health situation and determine which weight loss program is going to work for you. Once your doctor has deemed you healthy enough to begin a fitness program, you have a choice of several Milwaukee weight loss programs. The right program and the right frame of mind is all you need to get healthy.

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