Where can I find a weight loss diet that works for me?

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Like the fabled city of Cibola, the perfect weight loss diet is wonderfully alluring and just as elusive. Having been on the long trek to a healthy weight myself, I too have climbed the mountains and slogged through the valleys in search for the best weight loss diet for me. The best weight loss diet does not involve the horrors of cabbage soup, nor does it involve taking carbs and fats entirely out of your food repertoire. The truth is, if our minds are not strengthened enough to make a firm decision about losing weight, our emotions and cravings will beat them to a pulp and throw them to the curb like so much rubbish.

Indeed, the best weight loss diet starts with the gray matter between your ears. Of course, making that strong decision to lose weight is probably the hardest part about weight loss. It's true that people that constantly battle weight don't usually make a strong decision to gain weight, yet that's what is needed to lose it!

[Cue wavy lines for flashback]

When I was a young adult, my mother told me the best thing I could do for myself was to visualize my weight loss goals, write them down, and then follow them to my desired outcome. Let me tell you, I balked at that! I thought to myself, what does she know about obesity? Mom had been a catalog model before she got married and had never had an extra ounce on her body all her life! How did she know I didn't have a fat gene nestled in my chromosomes? How did she know whether my body metabolized calories correctly or not? How did she know whether or not I had an addictive personality! I mean, the nerve of that slender woman!

It was then that my mom said to me, "Sweetie, if your dream is to one day walk into a restaurant and not be able to fit into a booth, if your goal is to one day huff and puff through WalMart not being able to breathe, if your future hope is to stay home more and more because you feel too fat to be with other people, then you and your attitude are in the exact right place to reach your desired destination."

[Cue cricket chirping]

I didn't know what to say. I know I cried. But the important thing is I ended up writing down those hopes and dreams I had for the future, including losing weight and feeling better about myself physically, into a notebook and writing out the steps to achieve them.

[Fast forward to present time]

Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with my weight and I still don't have the best body image. But I will say that my mother's advice has helped me understand over the years that the best weight loss diet is found not in a book or a program, but in the matter between my ears. And I think I'm ready to take the plunge again. I feel myself making a decision regarding where I want my life to go and how exactly I want to get there. And then, of course, is the second hardest part: eating in such a way as to arrive at my intended destination. Hey, if I can wrap my mind around my goal, it's relatively easy to take the steps I need to get there!

Why not make up YOUR mind and come along for the ride?

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