Why should I choose you "diet plan" to improve my body fitness?

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We never recommend a "diet plan" where you are required to starve your body in order to achieve your weight loss target. Our "diet plan" comprises of balanced diet. Balance diet means your gets required amounts of carb, fat, iron and other nutritional contents, to keep your body fit. In our day to day life we tend to disturb this balanced diet which results in unfit body. We also recommend what type of food we should eat because today food quality has deteriorated because of the use of fertilizer, pest and other chemicals. Our diet plan is made in such a way that the selected food is either not affected or is processed in such a way that the effect of fertilizer's etc. is nullified. Also, we need added nourishment that are not available in the food that are available today. So the basic principle of our diet plan is to select the right food which not effected by today's farming process and supplement this food by effective nourishment.

Second and very important part of our diet plan is the schedule for eating. Timing plays a very important part in any diet plan. What you eat is important but when you eat is equally important. There is no point of eating a very healthy food recommended by us at 11'O clock in the night if that food is supposed to be eaten at 10 in the morning. Your body's requirement at 10'O clock in the morning is entirely different than 11'O clock in the night. So what is good at 10'O clock may be a poison at 11 PM. I would like to correct my self here so that you do not catch me later on the wrong foot. This I gave only as an example. Actually no food is good if it eaten at 11PM. We very strongly recommend that one should finish his / her dinner not later than 6PM.

Finally, we tell our participants in the beginning that there is nothing like crash course in achieving weight loss that you desire. Everybody is unique and the diet plan affects everybody differently. It is not a race so one needs to be patient. If you want to measure the success of our diet plan on a daily or weekly basis, you must ask your self whether you are feeling healthier and happier after going through this diet plan, rather than standing on the weighing scale everyday and counting those grams. Follow our diet plan and let those extra fat burn in a natural way.

Finally, exercise is a very important part of our diet plan. Instead of directing you to join a fancy Gym, we ask you to go to nature and move your body in a natural way in fresh air. Believe me, going for a brisk walk on a beach when the sun is rising, will have an entirely different effect on your body than running on a trademill in that claustrophobic atmosphere.

To sum up all above factors, we change the pattern of your life style through our diet plan which results in a healthy body. Try us today and thank us later.

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