How to cure binge eating disorder?

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Binge eating disorder has recently become a recognized eating disorder and there is now more support available through the NHS for those living with the disorder. It is slightly different to anorexia or bulimia as some people just look at it as 'being greedy' or 'losing control' around food. This isn't very helpful for the person and may make them feel worse.

Common symptoms of binge eating disorder include;

Eating large amounts of food, sometimes out of control or in a daze.

Eating to hide negative emotions, such as stress, instead of dealing with them.

Eating the food in secret.

Hiding any evidence (such as empty packets)

Trying to start a new diet or fitness regime very often, only to fail at it a day or so later.

Feeling isolated and like you are the only person with this problem.

Binge Eating Disorder can be very upsetting as it can lead to weight gain, and in more serious cases diabetes and other illnesses associated with the weight gain.

A lot of people with the disorder may feel embarrassed or ashamed of themselves as they may feel like they are just being greedy, or that they have no self control, but this is not the case.

It is usually a lot more complicated than this and is usually related to emotional eating.

A lot of hard work will be needed to overcome the disorder but here are a few tips to get you started:

Don't pressure yourself - there is nothing wrong with you, you are not a freak.

Tune in - several times throughout the day just try to tune into your body and your feelings, rate how hungry you are, or what emotions you may be feeling.

Eat your meals when you are hungry - When you are hungry go and get yourself a meal, this can be whatever you want, a bar of chocolate, a bowl of soup, a sandwich, anything that your stomach desires! Make sure you sit down properly and focus on your meal. Ensure that notice what you are eating and how it feels in your mouth. Concentrate on the taste and how it satisfies you. When you are truly satisfied then stop eating!

Sometimes throughout the day you may find yourself feeling the urge to eat, if you do, then have a little think to yourself. Are you really hungry? Or is there some other matter bothering you? If there is something else bothering you then bite the bullet and deal with it. A lot of binge eating is done because people are trying to avoid a feeling or a situation. This could be anything from making a phone call to feeling bored and having nothing to do to doing housework.

There are many books available that can give you some further help with this subject and they all vary slightly with their delivery. The best thing to do is to read a few and find the one which you like the best. The more it suits you the more helpful you will find it.

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