how to find healthy low calorie foods?

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Healthy low calorie foods is essential, if you want a well functioning body. Many times people neglect on thei diet by eating junk foods like processed and fast foods. The reason why fast food and processed foods are classified as junk food is because of their value to our body. Granted, they may taste good but do they provide nutrients to the body. Anything that has a long shelf life is not healthy to our bodies. In addition most fast foods are high in calories, high in fat and low in nutrients. This is a recipe for high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity. In order to satisfy your bodies, gain endurance, lose weight and provide the vitamins and minerals to help the body to fuction properly, you must eat natural foods and eat low in calories. To lose weight and provide essential nutrients to your body, you must eat vegetables, fruits. Vegetables and fruits have an abundance of vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. Oranges and apples can be a healthy snake and you'll get vitamin C, which is necessary for your immune system. In addition, you should eat lean fresh meats like chicken breast and ground beef to get the proteins that your body needs. If you're a vegan, you can substitute meat for beans, which are abundant in protein. To eat health and control your waiste you should know how to control your portions.

When eating a meal try to include high calorie and low calorie carbohydrates and a protein. On your plate you can have a cup of brown rice, two cups of spinach, and a lean chicken breast. Notice that the higher calorie carb in this meal is the brown rice which should be a smaller portion. Your low calorie carb, the spinach, can be as much as you like or more than a cup because it lower in calories. And your protein should be lean like the chicken breast. Avoid frying the chicken to cut back on fat. You have the option of broiling or baking your chicken. If you must have a high calorie sweet like ice cream or chips. Make sure you eat the serving size, mention under nutritional facts, behind the package.

To cut back on calories instead of buying potatoe chips, why not eat popcorn. Pop corn is usually lower in calories; a bag of pop corn could be less than 100 calories. You don't have to consume high calorie ice creams because there are certain brand of ice creams that are low in calories. For example, you can by breyers ice cream, skinny cow or weight watchers ice cream ,which are all lower in calories than the typical brands. To recap in order to succeed in eating healthy low calorie foods and to avoid gaining weight you need to stick to vegetables, fruits. You need to eat lean meats like lean beef, chicken, or you can eat shrimp or fish. If you must snake, snake on fruits or low calories versions of junk food such as skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. Doing all these things will help you avoid heart problems and will help you control your waist line. Vegetables such as spinach, collard freens, carrits and fruits such as bananas, oranges, apples pineapples are all healthy low calorie foods that can help you stay healthy and lose weight.

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