Stuff Yourself With Veggies to Lose Fat Quickly

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You may be well versed in the art of counting calories as a way in which you can lose weight, or you may have a standing date with your treadmill every morning at six o'clock, and while these methods do work, another approach that you should try in order to lose fat quickly is eating vegetables, lots and lots of fresh, brightly-colored vegetables. Eaten fresh, baked, boiled or steamed, vegetables are naturally low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar while being chock full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

While the food pyramid suggests that you eat five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables each day, some experts recommend that you aim for double-digit servings of veggies. While that may seem like an impossible target, you'll soon find that it takes several servings to fill you up at each meal. These professionals also suggest skipping the fruits due to their high, albeit natural, sugar content. Some easy ways in which you can get in extra veggies are by eating soups, salads, adding pureed carrots and onions to spaghetti sauce or eating green smoothies made from spinach, cucumber and avocados. Each of these will give you two to four servings of vegetables.

If you're eating your veggies in their natural, or near-natural state, you can eat as many as you want. Your body will be full way before you consume too many calories. However, if you're roasting or sautéing them in olive oil or butter, you need to be mindful of how many calories are in the extra ingredients, as well as any added salt since consuming too much salt is not beneficial for your health or your weight loss efforts. To add flavor to your veggies, try adding cinnamon to boiled carrots, Italian seasoning to tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled in olive oil or roast asparagus and cauliflower with garlic.

While you can eat to your heart's content of most vegetables, you'll want to avoid the starchy ones in order to maximize your results. Eating fewer carbohydrates, both those from starch and sugar, will help you to lose fat quickly as they are often turned into, and stored as, fat once inside your body. Some vegetables which you should stay away from include white and sweet potatoes and corn as they have more carbohydrates than most other veggies. Sugar is also the reason why you should avoid fruits since your body will store extra sugar--beyond what it needs on a daily basis--as fat. If you cut your sugar intake drastically, you're body will dig into its fat reserves for extra energy.

If you're in need of dropping a few--or a great many--pounds, try switching out your potatoes for some mashed cauliflower and starting off your meal with a serving bowl sized salad or a delicious veggie soup. Not only will you fill up your tummy with foods that will keep you healthy and energetic, you will help your body to start using up its stored fat as energy and start dropping fat as a result.

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