What could be the causes of obesity?

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The Causes Of Obesity

The never ending attempt to lose those unwanted pounds. Will it ever end? Does it ever become any easier for oneself? It has manifested into a vicious cycle for myself along with the majority of North America. Tragically obesity has become an epidemic. We are desperately trying to combat the effects of obesity not only on our physical health, and mental health, but on our children’s health as well.

Through my ongoing journey I have discovered that there are too many conflicting sources of information out there. Actually we are being bombarded with contradicting nutritional facts from the so called experts on a daily basis. From quick fixes, what works, what doesn’t work, eat this food, not that food, to this pill, that shake etc. Unfortunately, we are having this pushed in our face from every form of media available out there. Our heads are dizzy drunk with information overload. No wonder we’re confused on what and who to believe! While these issues continue with what I personally believe to be information abuse; more and more people continue to get heavier and unhealthier. Not only due to true or false information overload, but frustration and another deadly result yo yo dieting.

The diet industry is a money making giant. What or who is to blame? The food industry, the FDA, Experts or us the consumer? I feel that it is all those components combined. The food industry doesn’t seem to care if their product is making people ill or obese. They only care about the profit that, that high fat, high sugar, high sodium snack or prepackaged meal brings in. Than on top of that they sneakily make products that they claim are fat free, all natural, no trans fats, 100 calorie snacks, low carb and confusing nutrition labels. Just remember if they take something out they put something else back in. Sugar! Or is it glucose? Fructose? Corn syrup? Than the real kicker! Sugar free! Thus the artificial sweeteners commence.

The FDA continues their approval for these so called safe food products for human consumption. The medical experts are paid by the FDA to push their diet pill products as well. Then there is us, the consumer who blindly follow experts; well because they are experts they should know, right? They are approving and promoting what the food industry and FDA are pushing on us. The FDA, Medical Experts and Food Industry are the three big bad wolves in sheep’s clothing. Despite our ever growing waist lines we continue to naively believe their contradicting lies. We open our wallet slap our hard earned money down hoping the new product is finally the answer. We rush home all excited! Yes! Now I have the miracle weight loss answer! We lose two pounds one week and we gain five the next. Up, down, up, down.

We disappointingly stop using the product. Oh wait a minute that didn’t work, but this expert on television says this is the answer and it is the key to successful weight loss. We grab our phone, credit card and false hopes; place the order for the next deceitful solution. Than we impatiently wait for it to arrive at our door! Thus the vicious weight loss cycle continues. I truly believe these factors are a major part of the causes of obesity in our society today.

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