What is America's obesity and its health problems creating?

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I believe that illnesses and diseases within the human body come about due to one or more deficiencies or excess of deficiencies of any number of vitamins and minerals in the body. An obese person is generally a malnourished person. Undernourishment reaps all sorts of health problems. When the body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals, this means health problems. The problem is that obesity and its health problems go hand in hand, the same as any other addiction, illness or disease process.

Obesity a Major American Health Deficit

I know I am not the only one to write on the subject of obesity and its health problems this illness creates. Much of what I think to be true is due to the many years of watching patients struggle with weight loss and the illnesses that obesity has inflicted upon their physical structures. In summation, I too have my own tale of weight loss struggles. While some pros say that obesity is not a disease or illness other professionals say that obesity is every bit an illness. My personal opinion is that obesity is an addiction and an illness that eventually creates high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and much more.

Obesity is very plain to understand in the fact that when a person consistently eats more calories than they burn off they are going to keep gaining weight and eventually become obese. Another mince on words would be that if a person consumes more calories than they burn off through exercise and simple walking daily their metabolism is not going to burn off the calories they ate. These calories are going to turn to excess fat that eventually causes an overweight problem for that person, thus obesity is born.

Nursing and my personal life brought me to understand that when a person is just 30-pounds over their ideal weight range, they are obese. From everything that I have studied and read, I found many professionals supporting this statement. Obesity-Nothing to be Proud of and I have even heard comments such as, "My problem is not obesity I am just too short. Parents need to become serious about their weight and their children's weight if the child is over their ideal body weight. Watching too much television and playing online games versus exercise outside or inside starts early in life. Children are encouraged to watch television when very young. Parents set the children down for many kids' shows, using the TV as an ideal baby sitter, instead of exercise.

Eat Meals until Sufficiently Full, Never Gorge at Meal Times

My question is, "If a person drinks in excess every day and cannot go without alcohol they are no doubt an alcoholic, whether they recognize this fact or not. If a person does drugs and cannot go without their fix of drugs, they are a drug abuser. Both of these are illnesses because the body cannot do without alcohol or drugs.

A person who cannot eat normally and must eat constantly to feel satisfied, eventually are going to be obese. Obesity and health problems will surface. By eating normally, I am talking about eating a fair share of the basic foods offered on the food pyramid with sensible vegetable or fruit snacks in between meals. Beverages should contain at least 64-ounces of water per day, a sensible amount of coffee or tea, no milk, no sodas, no alcohol and decreased amounts of 100 percent fruit juices.

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