What are some common truths about weight loss?

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One of the most common goals in the lives of average Americans is to lose weight. The important question is what really works? What are some simple truths about weight loss? Americans, in general, have become increasingly more health conscious in recent decades. In spite of this trend, Americans are still far more over weight—on average—than any other nation. America ranks number one in obesity across the globe according to statistics (Livestrong.com, 2013); Mexico is second, and the United Kingdom comes in at number three.

Due to the serious problem of obesity in America, there is a new market for the “quick fix” to weight loss. In the true spirit of American entrepreneurship a completely new industry has arisen, from both a true desire to lose weight, and the “want it now” mentality of American culture. Moreover, there are millions of diet plans, diet pills—drinks, shakes, and of course there's always this story: Some newly discovered magic fruit found only in the deepest part of the Amazon Jungle that has allowed a recently discovered tribe of indigenous peoples to be thin, healthy, and live until 110. Does this sound all too familiar? So, again consumers ask—what are some simple truths about weight loss?

The number one simple truth about weight loss is that it takes work—period. Yes, there are some dietary supplements, herbs, and shakes that can help in the process; however, they can be very expensive and produce minimal results.

Truth number two: You do not necessarily have to eat less, but you must eat healthy. The most successful diets include foods that are filling yet nutritionally balanced. One example would be to eat a vegetarian diet. This is an extreme example; however, vegetarians eat salads, fruits, and nuts (among other things of course) until they are completely full and will consume fewer calories and also burn those calories quicker. Most dieters don`t want to go to this extreme, so another example that is more “mainstream” would be a metabolically balanced diet. These diets are a balanced approach to proteins, carbohydrates, and starches. The main point is this—you can lose weight and eat your fill but you must eat more nutritionally balanced foods.

Truth number three: Eliminate sugar and white flour from your daily diet—period. This is a harsh truth but one that will guarantee weight loss. New research shows that metabolic imbalance is a huge factor in obesity and difficulty with weight loss. Excessive consumption of sugar, white flour, and animal fats are a deadly mixture that sets off metabolic imbalance. Metabolic imbalance syndrome is linked to various forms of cancer according to The National Cancer Institute.

Truth number three: Drink plenty of water. Drinking water (at least 10-8 oz. glasses a day) is as important to weight loss as what you eat. A Diet Coke or Coke Zero here and there won`t set you back; however, most dieters will not drink water, or, they drink far less water than they think they do. Water is essential to hydrating and detoxing the systems in the body, and it also works as an appetite suppressant in many cases.

Truth number four: Losing weight requires some form of exercise. Even the slightest forms of exercise can make a huge difference in weight loss. Walking, contrary to what most people assume, is one of the best and easiest exercises one can do to lose weight.

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