How do you select the best foods for weight loss?

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When selecting the best foods for weight loss, the key idea is how close

to being natural any particular food is. After all, the human organism was evolved to consume foods found in nature.

Obviously most fresh produce items are fine.

And then there is sugar content, particularly added, refined sugars in

packaged and processed foods.

Though carbohydrates are essential to life for most people it is important

to select complex carbohydrates. Breads and cereals are best when they are

made from whole grains.

It is also better to eat brown rice since it is not as easily broken down

into it's sugar components as white rice.

Weight loss is best achieved when eating whole grains, beans and legumes

and avoiding sugary soft drinks.

What makes sugar-sweetened soft drinks detrimental to weight loss is that

the sugar used is high-fructose corn syrup. This form of sugar does not

trigger the leptin response that suppresses hunger as happens when consuming


Lack of leptin response might make you want to keep on eating.

It is important to check the labels on foods to see that they don't contain

high fructose corn syrup. Besides soft drinks, many jams and jellies contain

high-fructose corn syrup.

As for breakfast foods, once again whole grains are best. Oatmeal, the world's

oldest cereal, is an excellent example. Look for multigrain cereals that appear

to consist of crude grains. Avoid sugar-sweetened cereals, especially if they

have artificial coloring.

Granola cereals, though whole grained, are sugar-sweetened.

They can be sprinkled on a non-sweetened cereal instead of using sugar.

Even waffles and pancakes are available in whole-wheat.

Avoid biscuits. These are made with highly-refined flour that is rapidly

converted to sugar by the digestive system.

And then there are snacks and desserts.

Eat whatever is your favorite fresh fruit of the season. Yes, fruits have sugars,

but they are bound up by pectin and are not released into the bloodstream as

quickly. Some fruits like grapes should not be eaten excessively.

Besides, unlike man-made dessert foods, fruits are not empty calories and

contain many phytonutrients (vitamins and minerals) and are a source of

dietary fiber.

Ice Cream? Eat frozen yogurt instead. If you really want ice cream eat

small portions (One scoop the size of a small lemon).

Eat sugar-free gelatin (Jello). Make sure the package says sugar-free.

If you like cookies, buy the ones made in the store (supermarket bakery).

Commercial cookie brands contain fructose corn syrup and trans-fatty acids,

mainly because they taste fresh for months. However these semi-synthetic

nutrients are best avoided.

When you buy cookies, keep in mind that you'll have only one with your

midmorning coffee (or afternoon glass of milk).

Cakes and pies are to be enjoyed on special occasions and if you are trying

to lose weight, should be avoided.

When it comes to selecting the best foods for weight loss, the key to healthful eating

is to maximize foods that can be eaten uncooked, like fresh fruits and salad vegetables.

Also, to minimize foods containing refined sugars and simple carbohydrates.

When it comes to losing weight, you need to think about some foods you can

eliminate altogether now and strictly limit once you've attained your

weight loss goal.

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