What foods burn fat ?

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If you have some excess fat to burn, making a slight change in your dietary choices can work wonders in helping you lose weight. If your diet does not currently consist of foods high in fiber and protein, you are probably not losing as much weight as you could potentially. Here are some foods that are the most beneficiary to anyone who is interested in losing weight.


Many studies have shown that the daily consumption of 3-4 servings of low-fat dairy products helps to ward off weight gain over the long term. With this fact in mind, if you incorporate low-fat dairy products into your diet, you will be able to not only maintain, but also lose weight over the long run. In addition, you will also have the added benefit of strengthening your bones while you burn fat.


Eggs are one of the simplest, yet richest foods when it comes to protein content. Everyone knows that eggs are also very high in cholesterol. However, despite all the bad news about cholesterol, studies have shown that it is actually dietary fat, not dietary cholesterol that is the culprit in raising blood cholesterol levels. Eggs are so versatile that you can forego the cholesterol by only eating the egg white, which contains as much protein as the yolk without all of the cholesterol.


Oatmeal is packed with fiber, which makes it a must for any weight loss diet plan. The fiber in oatmeal can help reduce blood cholesterol levels by removing the cholesterol from your digestive system. Of course oatmeal, to be included in any plan to burn fat must be unsweetened and unflavored.

Olive Oil

Contrary to popular belief, fats can actually help you burn fat. Olive oil consists of mostly monounsaturated fats, which work wonders for your body’s health. You do not need to consume too much olive oil since even one ounce of cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil contains enough monounsaturated fat to help you burn fat and lower your cholesterol levels.

Whole Grains

Carbohydrates are similar to fats in that not all of them are good for you but the right kinds are actually beneficial to your health. Stick to the whole grain foods and stay away from any processed carbohydrates. Make sure the label specifically says “whole grain” on it since even something labeled “wheat” can still be made from processed carbohydrates.

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