Do effective weight loss pills really exist?

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So you’ve done all that you can: cut calories, spent hours at the gym, and yet you don’t have a bikini body that can compete with the fitness models you see on every diet pill website. You’re not alone, and as appealing as diet pill advertising can be, over 90% of weight loss pills don’t actually work, FDA approved or not.

We hate to say it, but have you noticed how many times Alli has changed their advertising? The FDA has really cracked down on that particular diet pill, pretty much because they can. Being “FDA Approved” comes at a cost. If Alli exaggerated just by saying that their diet pill increases weight loss (which studies don’t support as far as we’re concerned), can you really trust anything natural weight loss pills that are not FDA approved say?

The Natural Diet Pill & Clinical Proof

There are 2 reasons why most weight loss pills don’t work:

1.     Most weight loss pills don’t have clinically proven ingredients

Clinical studies are not as simple as you may think. Have you ever noticed how many diet pill websites say that ingredients are “clinically tested”? Hoodia is “clinically tested”, acai is “clinically tested”, and yet neither of these ingredients have ever been CLINICALLY PROVEN to promote weight loss!

More specifically, there are a lot of “clinically tested” ingredients that have never even been tested as weight loss ingredients, but of course, most diet pill websites don’t specify that. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS!

2.     Some weight loss pills don’t have the clinically proven amounts

Maybe you’re familiar with green tea. Okay, just about everybody and their dog is familiar with green tea. We all know that green tea has been through, what is it, hundreds of studies that prove that this extract can burn fat. The trick is matching those pesky studies.

Getting green tea is not enough. You have to have the amounts used in positive clinical studies. Otherwise, you may as well be using a sugar pill, and that rule applies to all weight loss ingredients. Unfortunately, most weight loss pills use proprietary blends, flashy websites that only feature the “key ingredients”, or other approaches meant to distract you and prevent you from asking about those “insignificant” doses.

There is Light At the End of the Tunnel

We know, you’re discouraged now, and maybe you’re even starting to wonder if there are weight loss pills that are actually effective. We don’t blame you, and the same thought has occurred to us….more than once. However, while there are A LOT of failures, we have also seen some weight loss pills that actually have what it takes.

You may not recognize these weight loss pills right off the bat. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. You just have to know what to look for. We’ll give you a hint: reverse the problems featured above. There’s no magical diet pill that can help every dieter. However, if a diet pill has CLINICALLY PROVEN WEIGHT LOSS INGREDIENTS in the clinically proven doses, you have a fair chance.

How do you find these weight loss pills? We have featured a few of our favorites in our top picks. Just take a look at our main page for a little guidance. If you want to do your own research though, it’s not as scary as you think. Clinical studies are all over the place, and finding them can be as simple as a Google search. Just remember to look at the details to see if your favorite diet pill is really clinically proven.

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