How does one achieve a life of healthy weight without sacrifice?

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The general public struggles with weight loss on a daily basis, it has gone so out of control that it is even affecting our children and millions of Americans are considered obese. Not only due to inactivity but all the processed and fast foods right at our fingertips. It really is easy to achieve a healthy weight for a life time and start now with healthy habits that lead to weight loss.

First off, amp up the activity level. For a life-long weight loss and maintenance goal you do not need to spend hours slaving away in the gym, instead you can work daily activity into your everyday life by parking further away from the store, take the stairs, run around with your kids-- there are so many painless and FUN possiblities!

Now onto the nutrition, this part is even harder for most than the activity portion of your life-long healthy weight goals. I cannot stress this simple tidbit enough, start with whole foods. Whole foods (not the store) are the key to a healthy weight. So what are whole foods? Foods that are not processed or refined-- raw nuts, grains, fruits, veggies and dairy products. It does not sound like an easy task when we are so used to eating french fries, greasy burgers and soda but it is, and much more delicious.

How about starting the day with some organic greek yogurt, a handful of raw almonds and a piece of fresh fruit? At lunch, visit the salad bar and load up on veggies topped with some chickpeas and for dinner top a baked potato with some fresh salsa. It really is very easy it just takes dedication and an outlook that it is a life-long habits that make for a healthy body not crash dieting, pills or other strange weight loss methods. To get started head to the grocery store and explore all the grains that you have always passed over like quinona (packed with protein), bulgur or cornmeal-- look up ways to prepare them or fresh herbs you could add to them.

Head over to the produce and check out the fruits and veggies that normally never make it into your cart-- how about grabbing a bunch of kale and making kale chips? Its easy and they are delicious! Until I really took the time I did not realize just how many fruits and veggies never made it into my cart and just how amazing they are. Theme nights at home can make dinner fun and help with recipe inspiration-- we do nights from the tropics, south america and latin nights to add fun and variety to our food preparations.

Another thing to remember about your healthy life-long goals is that you are not perfect and neither are your eating habits! Its good for you to splurge now and then! We have cheat day around our house and have some of whatever we have been craving but we find the longer we eat whole foods the less we crave the junk but it still hits here and there. Also, going out to eat can be easy by choosing, salads, baked potatoes or just looking for the least processed menu items.

By living this lifestyle you will be setting yourself up for great health and a great weight, not only that but you can show your children the right way to have a healthy and balanced attitude towards eating.

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