Is it true that Baby Boomers are learning that weight loss during menopause is easier than they once thought?

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Baby Boomers are learning that weight loss during menopause is easier than most women think. They are finding that the first trick is to get over the mindset that menopause weight gain in inevitable. Most women have been conditioned to believe that this is a time when the weight must pack on. They have even been told that a little extra weight is necessary to diminish the hot flashes and other effects of menopause that many women experience. Like other myths handed down through the generations this weight gain during menopause has arrived at their doorsteps like a ‘given’.

The truth is that a lot has changed in the last four generations. Baby Boomer great-grandmas were birthing and nursing babies well into their forty’s. Penicillin and modern medicine was not yet available, so many of these great grannies’ died before the onset of menopause, with no concrete information to share. Their daughters, the Baby Boomer grandmas did not talk much on this subject and the Baby Boomer mothers took estrogen and other hormones…many of which prevent weight loss during menopause. In fact the thickening waist and dowdier appearance was expected and accepted by them. It is the Baby Boomer generation that is creating a new norm in many areas of aging. New strategies and possibilities about menopause is one of them.

They have found that there are several things that will reverse the weight gain and speed up weight loss during menopause.


Exercise helps in many ways. It reduces stress and releases endorphins. Endorphins such as serotonin help to keep you happy. Most people are less likely to look for comfort food when they are feeling happy and stress-free. Exercise also increases muscle mass. There are different types of muscles and all of them burn energy. Another name for energy is calories. So having more muscle mass helps to burn calories.

Weight Loss Diets

Many Baby Boomers are already aware that diets don’t work. They have tried them for years. What they have found out does work are food plans for living a healthy life. Since most of today’s women are interested in all facets of anti-aging, they are up on the new information that eating foods that deliver vitamins and nutrients instead of processed oils and artificial colors and flavors will help the body thrive.

Proper nutrition and weight loss go together for many reasons. One is that if the body has the nutrients it needs it will stop the insatiable cravings that many women experience during menopause.

Zest for Living

One last thing that sets Baby Boomers apart is that they have never stopped going for it. Well into their fifties and sixties these women are taking courses and perusing their educational goals. They are gathering the information they have learned during their lives and are beginning new wisdom sharing consulting careers. They are marching in record numbers as a sisterhood to help alleviate breast cancer, and many other diseases. They are remaining vibrant and they have found that this active lifestyle is another thing that has made weight loss during menopause easy. They are grooving and they are moving. And like a rolling stone, they are no longer gathering much moss.

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